Missouri Democrat MD Rabbi Alam Announced Candidacy for United States Senate Race (2016) in Missouri

Missouri Democrat MD Rabbi Alam Announced Candidacy for United States Senate Race (2016) in Missouri

MD Rabbi Alam the Founder Chairman of Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus – MDPAAC, Founder of American Muslim Political Action Committee – AMPAC and the Organizer of Million Muslim March at the National Mall in Washington D.C. on 9/11/13. MD Alam announced his Candidacy for United States Senate Race in 2016. Alam announced his candidacy earlier December 2012 in the Kansas City Star Press Release.

Previously Alam ran for Kansas City Council for 6th District At-Large as well as for Jackson County Legislature. In 2010 Alam ran for Missouri House of Representative from former MO House District 50, currently the 27th House District. In 2010 Alam was elected as the Democratic 26th Ward Committeeman for Jackson County Missouri. Alam served for two years.

In 2012 Alam run for Missouri Secretary of State and got about 40K votes which was 13.1%. Alam was the first ever Immigrant and Muslim to run for MO SOS and received National Headlines for questioning 9/11. It was provocative and Alam was viciously attacked by the right wing media and Islam-phobia and appeared at the National Fox News at Sean Hannity andJudge Jeanine Pirro shows in 2013.

In 2013 Alam organized the “Million American March Against Fear” which was permitted by the National Park Services, however, it allowed Alam only to gather 1000 people and then the main stream medias and social medias fueled up with anger based on the initial name of the event. As because the event was scheduled on the 9/11/2013 it gained National and International attention, however, due to the fact of NPS permitting of 1000 people limited Alam to have a big gathering. The media reported couple hundreds people’s attendance. Some of the media even reported 25-50 people’s attendance. The facts is that the government only allowed Alam and his organization AMPAC only for 1000 people. That’s why the attendance was low but the media never wanted people to know the real facts behind the low turnout of Million Muslim March.

Alam’s official campaign page describes his 2016 U.S. Senate race and political positions. Alam calls himself as a Progressive Muslim Reformer and Renaissance on his recent You-tube video where he question about 9/11. Alam viewe 9/11 Tragedy as a Cover up False Flag Operations and believed Saudi Arabian government financed the 9/11 attack.

Alam believes when government commits a crime and conspiracy against it people it become classified information, however, when citizens talk about it, it becomes a Conspiracy Theory.  Alam is first generation of Immigrant from Bangladesh and a Veteran of Iraq war and was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army. Alam served in Baghdad in 2003 with the Delta Battery 6/52 ADA BN of 69 Brigade out of Germany. Alam sees himself as a legacy of first generation of Muslim who is working hard for Peace, Harmony & Justice for the Humanity. Alam is the first Muslim American to be running for United States Senate from the state of Missouri in 2016.

Alam hopes he is the Mile-Stone for the 2nd & 3rd generations of Muslims in the Political Process and that will empower them in the Election and Government contribution. Alam said “I proudly served my country, I am ready to serve you. I fought in the front line in a foreign war, I defended the Freedom, and that what we enjoy everyday, will you vote for me?”

Here is Alam’s recent You-tube video where he explains his Religion’s Conviction and proclaimed as a proud Muslim American – a committed & balanced citizen. Alam speaks against the Zionism as well as condemn all nature of violence and commits to stand to the last day of his life for the betterment of Humanity with the inclusion of Muslim Americans as well as the Community at-Large.

MD Alam – Candidate, United States Senate – 2016, Questioning 9/11 Tragedy as Cover up

Alam’s Educational Background:

  • BA – Political Science, National University, 1995
  • BS – Biology, National University, 1996
  • MS – Computer Information System, University of Phoenix, 2005
  • MA – Mathematics / Education, University of Missouri – Kansas City, 2008
  • HS Mathematics Teacher Certification – UMKC, 2008
  • Ph. D – Computational Mathematics (ECMP) – University of North Texas, 2013 (Incomplete)
  • J.D – Juris Doctor, Western Michigan University Cooley Law School (2015 – Progress)

Alam’s Professional Background:

  • Radio Talk-Show Host
  • IT Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Small Business Consultant
  • Educational Consultant
  • High School Math Teacher (Previously)
  • Executive of Non-Profit Organization
  • Political Consultant

Alam’s official Campaign website: http://www.Alam4Senate.com 

Alam’s Twitter: MD4MO

Alam’s Facebook: MD Alam for U.S. Senate

Alam’s You-tube: MD Rabbi Alam for United States Senate – 2016

Contact Alam’s Campaign: Contact Alam’s Campaign

About MD ALAM for United State Senate 2016

Fighting for U.S. Senate, Founder: AMPAC, Chair, National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus. Founder, MDPAAC, Father of 3, a Husband and a Veteran of OIF
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