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MD Alam for US Senate 2016…Future is now.. A Minority Leadership in US Politics:  MD ALAM

Welcome to the official campaign page of MD Alam for US Senate in 2012.

Future is now.

Will you VOTE MD Alam in 2016 for US Senate?


Will you VOTE for MD Alam for US Senate in 2016?

Here is a details of MD Alam:

MD ALAM  is an American Politician and a Democrat. MD Alam is one of the first few Muslims Politician who is leading the National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus movement to bring the Asian Americans to the modern American Politics. Recently MD ALAM ran for a public office in the Missouri General Assembly as a Legislator [1]. MD Alam was in the race of Missouri House District – 50 in the South Kansas City, Grandview, Raytown and former Bannister Mall area where the famous Three Trails and Santa Fe Trails are located. Curently MD Alam serves as the National Chairman of US National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus US-NDPAAC[2]. MD Alam is the Convener of the first Convention of US National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus which has been scheduled on November of 2011. MD Alam is also the State Chairman of Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus MDPAAC [3] and he is the pioneer of National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus NDPAAC [4]. MD Alam served in the United States Army and is Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran. MD Alam was honorably discharged from the US Army and joined in the American Politics as a young Politician who is originally from Bangladesh and a Naturalized US Citizen is working towards bring the Asian American fellow immigrant communities and leaderships as a class 1 Citizen.

MD Alam was born and raised in Village Rajapur in the Rupsha Upazila in the City of Khulna the divisional Headquarters of Khulna District in Bangladesh. Recently MD Alam is leading “The Tony Singh Bill and gained a lot of momentum towards the legislation process in the state of Missouri. The effort of “Creating A Safe Community” [5] with the empowerment of Tony Sing Bill[8] is a great deals what making MD Alam famous in the great State Missouri in the United States.

Professional Background ____________________________________________________

MD Alam’s professional background started at the early age right after graduated from High School which is called Intermediate Examination in Bangladesh. MD Alam was the founder of Challenger Coaching Center in Khulna Bangladesh. In 1992 with his early leadership and professional motivation he was able to lead and run the Challenger Coaching Center. He was involved in teaching and coaching. The Challenger Coaching Center was one of the very few and famous initials Coaching Center in Khulna in early 90′s. Later on when MD Alam was involved in politics as he became one of the student’s leaders of Khulna District. Sooner after he graduated 1st undergraduate B.S in Botany,he went back to school and earned his 2nd B. A in Political Science and then went to a two years Law School in Khulna, Bangladesh. At that moment he was working as a part time science teacher in Khulna Udayan Police school. In 1998 MD Alam joined ACI Limited, one of the prominent Pharmaceuticals Companies in Bangladesh in their Elilillie Sector as a Sales Promotion Officer. MD Alam worked couple of years for ACI Ltd and earlier in 2000 he relocated to USA and ASAP MD Alam joined in the United States Army as an active duty Specialist. MD Alam was stationed in few different duty stationed. MD Alam completed his basic training at Ft. Knox, Kentucky and his Advanced Individual Training (AIT) was at Ft. Lee Virginia. MD Alam was stationed in Ansbach, Germany and had gained a lot of experience from his overseas Military Service.

As part of Military mission MD Alam have been to many different countries. France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Luxembourg, the Hollands, Greece, Saudi Arabia, (2 terms), Kuwait (2 – terms), Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom). MD Alam is a proud veteran of Foreign War (OIF – 2003). He was in the down range in Iraq and have served during the Operation Iraqi Freedom. After facing PTSD MD Alam have been out of the service and was Honorably Discharged from the United States of Army. His Army career was so professional with my rank of Sergeant and the Army vales he had gained Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage which made him as professional as some one very special could be.

In 2006, MD Alam joined as a high school Mathematics teacher and still teaching as a part time educators. In 2007 MD Alam joined a Kansas City based company P/Strada as their one of the Directors of International Operations. As soon as the economy started going down in 2008 he was laid off and still now he is putting his 100% efforts in organizing the Communities. Professionally MD Alam had been involved in American Politics and currently he is the National Chairman of US National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus [6] and as well as the Chairman of Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus [7]. Recently MD Alam was in the race of 2010 USA Election. MD Alam ran for House of Representatives [8] in the Missouri General Assembly [9]. MD Alam is a democratic candidates for this US Election. MD Alam believes his professionalism and his leadership skills brought him up here in very short period of time and he is really ready to run a public office in the United States of America.

Besides Political activities MD Alam is the Elected President of Loma Vista West Town Houses INC [10]. He is one of the Board member of Kansas City Property Maintenance Appeals Board [11]. This position is a Mayoral appointment and he is serving on a 4 years term till 2012. He is also the the President of North American Bangladeshi Association for Bangladesh (NABAB-USA) and serving the diverse community at large. MD Alam is also the Executive Secretary of PTA (Parents Teachers Association) of Santa Fee Elementary of Hickman Mills School District. Currently MD Alam is working on “Tony Singh Bill” – a legacy of Tony Singh [12] which will help creating a safe community in the great state Missouri and other states as well in the near future. MD Alam is helping the Community to get back on track. The great Bannister Mall area of south Kansas City [13] project is gaining a lot of momentum for MD Alam’s involvement Community Standing Against Crime in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

MD Alam told the Kansas City Star that he is glad as he is involve in many different projects and having a dream to be a class one citizen of the United States of America and be a role model for generation after him. 


(1) B. S (Honors in Biology) 1996, National University

(2) B. A (Political Science) 1997, National University

(3) MBA (MIS) 2007, University of Phoenix

(4) MA in Mathematics & Education 2010, University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC)

(5) Military Correspondence Courses  : 625 Hours of Military Correspondence Courses Via US Army Training Courses

 MD Alam’s Interests

Many of the few interests of MD Alam are as follows

  • Community work,
  • Public Relationship and Public Speaking [14]
  • Non-Profit Organization,
  • Political Participation,
  • Social Engagement and
  • Cultural Activities.



Among all professional interests the Political Participation is number #1 that MD Alam always put it a the top most of his professional Interest. As a Politician MD Alam beleives in Community work and public relationship. The Community work and the public relationship almost always is a non-profitable achievement under non-profitable organizations [15]. Social engagement and Cultural activities bring the professionalism in a higher scale. MD is very much interested building a new community with the empowerment of active engagement of all the above mentioned professional interests that motivates him and allow him to be dedicated and finally be successful. MD’s best motivation is to be a class # 1 Citizen and be a Role model [16]. While he is involved in Politics Md Alam is an High School Mathematics Educators who is very much involved building the future generation by providing quality Education.


MD Alam has many personal interests. MD Alam involves in both indoor and outdoor sports. MD Alam plays Volleyball [17], Badminton [18], Ping Pong (Table Tennis) [19] as indoor sports. MD Alam is also interested playing Chess [20] and Billiard [21] as well. Among the outdoor sports Soccer, Football, Biking, Running on Track, Swimming and Traveling.

Writing Journals, Blog Blogging and editing news papers are part of MD Alam’s professional interests. MD Alam is also involved in Social Networking like Facebook [23] and his user’s account canbe found here [24], Yahoo [25] IM [RABBITULI00@YAHOO.COM], MSN Messenger (Hotmail) [26] [RABBITULI00@HOTMAIL.COM], My Space, Flicker, Twitter, Linked-in, Net Log, Google-talk and Skype [RABBITULI00] as well as. All his social media involvement is as personal as Professional and the ID is “RABBITULI00″ EXCEPT TWITTER which is “MD4MO” [27] – for MD Alam’s twitter account.


Resume of MD Alam

Resume of MD Alam

BIO of MD Alam: BIO of MD Aalm.doc


 Many Important Links about MD Alam:



















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