Media Doctrrine-ship and American Political Culture

When people will realize and take the appropriate action for the betterment of our Nation? When People will be responsible for the action that makes us accountable for? When our citizens will say enough is enough and now STOP. Based on the Media Propaganda and Media Fabrication Millions of our fellow Citizens biased and just depend on the Media doctrine –ship. We need to stop this and we have to be standing together and have to stand for our country not for individual’s personal interest. Have any one seen how Rush Limbaugh was telling the GOP and John Boehner “NOT TO Negotiate with President Obama”?

That is so ridicules. People elect Senators and Congressmen/Congresswomen, however, it’s sound like Democracy not any more “Government – By the People, For the People, of the People”, yet it’s became Government for the POLITICIANS. So sad!!!  AMERICA wakes up!!! We are so close to lose our financial status and it’s not too late…We need to stop shipping our money to overseas and we need to start re-shaping our Financial Solutions NOW.

About MD ALAM for United State Senate 2016

Fighting for U.S. Senate, Founder: AMPAC, Chair, National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus. Founder, MDPAAC, Father of 3, a Husband and a Veteran of OIF
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2 Responses to Media Doctrrine-ship and American Political Culture

  1. jsa12 says:

    I think you need to learn how to spell before you run for office. You also need to back up your assertions with facts (reference your many posts full of assertions and short on actual evidence). Anyone running for public office will be scrutinized.

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