Who is the real TERRORIST?

About MD ALAM for United State Senate 2016

Fighting for U.S. Senate, Founder: AMPAC, Chair, National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus. Founder, MDPAAC, Father of 3, a Husband and a Veteran of OIF
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1 Response to Who is the real TERRORIST?

  1. John Duddy says:

    Dear Friends:

    We will have John Duddy as our guest of honour Saturday evening on the topic of the collapse of 3 NYC office towers and the testimony of experts vs opinion of government, and proceedings since then. He is the foremost person in western Canada on this topic (1, 2).

    This single event has affected you and me, and most people in every country and has all cost most of us dearly, in freedom and money, in every security check, airline ticket, border crossing and pervasive politics.

    If you have an open-minded & trustworthy friend, original thinker or independent mind, free spirit or creative person capable of out-side-the-box approaches like you, – in this case, an architect, structural engineer, contractor, demolition crew or lawyer, please invite them, but all must register by email by Saturday at noon (RSVP).

    This Pot Luck event for conversation and discussion, consideration and exploration, action and progress, starts at 5:30 PM. Details will be emailed to those who register.


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