Do not hate #Homosexuals but # Homosexuality, Stop Same Sex and Save Humanity. MD Alam

#RFRA – Religion Freedom Restoration Act and Indiana Law signed by Governor Mike Pence and the Politics.

Do Not Hate Homosexual but Homosexuality

As a Pro-Life Democrat this is very complicated. I have few questions to those either who support RFRA or who oppose it.

1. As a Customer or Consumer do I have a choice from whom to buy?

2. As a Business Owner do I have any choice whom to sell my products?

3. As a Service Provider do I have any choice whom to serve?

4. As an Individual do I have a choice whom o get the service from?

I see the answer for all 4 questions has bot yes/no and-or no/yes answer patterns. Here is a situation if your wife is pregnant and you are looking for a PCP & OBGYN and you are calling by lists. Now many of them may tell you “sorry we are not accepting any new patients: what do you do? Or the doctor may have opening and they can take your wife as their new patient, however, you do not like their quality of service or something else, at that point what do you do? If it is my situation I move to the next on the list. What would you do?

Another scenario – Let’s say you are planning for a dinner for your friends, family and your coworkers and you are inviting selective only invitation – in this case do you have a choice whom to invite and whom to not? Or vice verses if your friend or neighbor or your coworker do not invite you what can you do? Does this condition fall within the Individual Condition of Discrimination?

Now politically the situation is getting louder – here comes my biggest questions how many of you oppose #Homosexuals and how many of you support #Homosexuality? I do not know about you but my answers to these last two question may surprise you. NO I do not OPPOSE Homosexuals and NO I do not SUPPORT Homosexuality.

As an Individual I do not oppose any individuals however I must voice what is wrong to me when another individual commits a wrong according to my own knowledge and choice. The act of Homosexuality which I do not support and the person who is committing I do not have any problem with that person, however I want to tell them that their act of same-sex is wrong to me. Does it a matter to them? Does it a matter to me? The answer is NO it does not  matter to neither one of us. As a society does it a matter? To me yes it does, to the other may be it does not. So what is the bottom line for me? Do I have to hug and kiss those who is doing something wrong according to my own thinking and interpretation? No of course not or Do I have to hate those? NO of course not. As a member of the Global Community I believe in norms. As a member of Human Society I always look and seek Natural Selection for myself. When it comes as laws, rules, and guidelines – just ask yourself as if you honestly thought at the age of 14. Do you really remember what was in your mind about sex? Do you recall earlier initial sexual anxiety?

Did you know at that time whom you wanted to have sex with? Was that the next door girl or girl in your school or that was little Jhony who was your friend? And if it was little Johny then did you really known to any girl or not? If the conditions does not fit for you then you are not norm. If it does then we have to see what option did you chose. Was that the next door neighbor girls that you liked but there was another good looking smart guy whom you may be scared of and you backed off, and you did not have any other choice other than the little Johny who has the same situation from the big JOHN. Now you two Little Jhony and Little Johny experienced sex. Who is responsible for that? Is that condition is called Homosexuality? Then according to the norms it was wrong for you two. but how many of you latter on life found the right princes and moved on with life?

The next if and only you were born as genetically deformation or Chromosomal abnormality or Hormonal causing you doing anything other than norms then I do not OPPOSE that. INDEED, I will fully support them as they have nothing to do with their individual’s choice other than the abnormal-natural-selection. I would love to provide them quality of Support and quality of education. What about NON-Natural-Selection? I have problem with such individual’s act. And that act is changeable. I want to have an Educational conversation with the Homosexuals by Individual’s Choice. Now a days in our society this is the main stream Gay Community. It is a core part of LGBT Community. Not the one who was born to be Homosexuals. Now it’s all about money, power and act against the Nature.

Let’s come to the point – the RFRA. If I do not want to provide a service to someone then someone has the choice to go somewhere. There is nothing to do for us. When you chose to be a Homosexual then you can chose to go some one else for service why to bother? In the Business Perspectives, anyone with money should be able to buy whatever they want unless otherwise if a homosexual person comes to the store and start bragging about and openly create any abnormal situation, do not forget that business has the right to put that individual for TRESPASSING after being asked to leave.

I do believe that no one can guess who is a gay or who is a lesbian or who is not by their look. Now someone may act different that does not mean that they are Homosexuals. Now my point is how someone will be discriminated against their sexual choice unless they disclose it? Why it is necessary to even disclose it? Oh I see now you need a social status and benefits – If and ever I be elected I will provide the benefits at the same time I will Provide the extensive progressive education about the social MERITS and DEMERITS of Homosexuality.

I believe Homosexuality is not a CRIME but a mental sickness and may be an unknown Disease. So DO NOT HATE HOMOSEXUALS and do not DISCRIMINATE homosexuals – Just EDUCATE them how to SAVE the HUMANITY. Because they can not PRODUCE a single HUMAN BABIES. Yet if they would chose Heterosexual Partners they definitely would be able to add some more human to the Global Human Society.

This is my only conviction: Do not hate Homosexuals but Homosexuality and Educate the Homosexuals and STOP HOMOSEXUALITY.

MD Alam 2

MD Rabbi Alam, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, April 1, 2015

Candidate. United States Senate – 2016

About MD ALAM for United State Senate 2016

Fighting for U.S. Senate, Founder: AMPAC, Chair, National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus. Founder, MDPAAC, Father of 3, a Husband and a Veteran of OIF
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