Sheikh Hasina will be Crowned as the First Ever “QUEEN OF BANGLADESH”: MD Rabbi Alam, January 5, 2014


Projected Queen of Bangladesh

       ( February 2014 – TBD)

  (Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina)


I have a serious note to all of my fellow Bangladeshi friends, families, supporters and People: This is not a joke but what just happened in Bangladesh on January 5th 2014, the 10th National Election indeed it was a shame and jokes and hoax. Now let me tell you what will exactly happen in Bangladesh in next 10 weeks. Approximately in next week and half by January 19th Bangladesh Awami League will form the new Government and will announce Sheikh Hasina as the next Prime Minister for only 8 weeks or so, I am not kidding, I am being serious. So what happen to the 5 years terms for PM Sheikh Hasina? This is a Billion Dollar Question.



Next by next few weeks the BAL Administration will execute few more top leaders of Bangladesh Jamat-E-Islam. Not only that BAL will forcefully and with the wrong / false cases and tribunals be arresting BNP’s top Leaders and will be dis-mantling the grass-root political provision of BNP.



What is next? Are you ready for this? People wake up. This is just a new beginning of new Monarchism. Listen up….. I am being serious…You already experienced the most shameful Election Event in any Democratic Government the Phony Election of 2014. Based on the fact and future Blue-Print of new SCHEMA of Government system the Nation of Bangladesh is going to face a unheard UNIQUE Experience of new Legacy of Political RE-INCARNATION. Can you guess what it would??? Anyone???



Sometime in February the Dhaka University will Host an Epic Event and will be CROWNING the BD PM Sheikh Hasina as the “First Ever Queen of Bangladesh” I repeat again, yes, Sheikh Hasina will be announced as the “QUEEN OF BANGLADESH”   



Then WHAT? The Newly crowned QUEEN will no longer be the Prime Minster of Bangladesh. Remember, She will be the QUEEN, and this is not a JOKE. I am serious. The insiders whom are the outsiders of Millions of Bangladeshis – I have connected in such way that I am warning all of my Bangladeshi brothers and sisters that BE CAREFUL, DO NOT become strangers…here is the message of the BLUE-PRINT of Future Bangladesh which will run by and be ruled by a PUPPET Government of Monarchism. Just be prepared.



MD Rabbi Alam (MD Alam)

Founder, AMPAC

Candidate, United States Senate – 2016 (MD ALAM FOR US SENATE 2016)

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

January 5th, 2014


About MD ALAM for United State Senate 2016

Fighting for U.S. Senate, Founder: AMPAC, Chair, National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus. Founder, MDPAAC, Father of 3, a Husband and a Veteran of OIF
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